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Exploring Biochar for carbon sequestration

Saving Trees with Biochar

Today as I was reading posts about the Australian bush fire catastrophe and the denials by their government, I came across a brilliant post on LinkedIn about how Kew gardens had saved a mighty Oak that was almost toppled in the 1987 hurricane. A BBC video explaining how and what had saved the tree had been posted by the commercial director of Carbon Gold.

I had been wondering how to get the biochar into the ground around tree roots as my favourite wood near Bury St. Edmunds, Bradfield Woods* is suffering grievously from Ash Die-back. Last Sunday I was talking to the warden of that national nature reserve about the idea of making biochar from the trees they were coppicing and adding it back to the soil around the coppice stools. The Apex deep-soil Geo-Injector sounds like exactly the solution I am looking for.

*Bradfield Woods is managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. It has been under continuous coppice rotation management for over 900 years. Ash and Hazel are the main timbers found but there is a huge range of other trees as well.