Recarbonize the world
Exploring Biochar for carbon sequestration

Websites of Special Interest

Ark2030 is about securing carbon credits for environmental restoration projects. It has its own social media app you can download and sign up for.

Carbon13 are a Cambridge based company seeking to provide financial, material and human resource backing to new ventures aiming to launch carbon dioxide reduction ideas.

Carbon Gold is a UK based company that makes and sells Biochar based garden compost and makes and sells pyrolysis equipment so that you can produce your own.

Entrenco GmbH make Biomass CHP units in Germany that are containerized and self contained. They make a number of models ranging from 25kW to 50kW electricity generators.

ID Gasifiers Pty Ltd in Australia designs and manufactures fit-for-purpose gasifiers and ancillaries suitable for municipal, medical, and agricultural waste management, and for production of electricity, heat, syngas, biochar, and carbon black